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How we ship Trichocereus columnar cacti

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Shipping cactus is easier than you would think. We are passionate about growing trichocereus from breeders around the world and excited to share them with you. Growing in greenhouses in Colorado is great for their love of sunshine and we are able to control their environment for optimal growth

We find it best to ship without a pot and extra soil. Making them easy for you to pot into your preferred soil or medium and location when they arrive.

RMF has been growing Cactus and Succulents since 2008. As a family farm you know that they are grown with love and care.

The $8 flat rate shipping rate per order includes the paper wrapping and padding. After they are wrapped in paper, we add padding to a cardboard box. Your order is protected from the other cacti, so you have a clean package waiting at your door. Order one or order more, we have many varieties to start or "complete" your collection.

We know you will enjoy opening your delivery and adding these unique cacti to your home.

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